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Palace Nova Cinema

Palace Nova Cinema, East End

3 Cinema Place, Adelaide
South Australia 5000

08 8232 3335


  • wheelchair accessible


  • Ticketing for this event can be booked through our registration page
  • Auditorium lights will be kept on a low level.   
  • This screening will be a relaxed performance, a quiet space will be provided.   


  • The cinema is situated in the east end of the city centre off Vaughan Place which runs between Rundle Street and North terrace
  • The venue is in a pedestrian area
  • The venue is situated in a vibrant area, with many cafes and shops.


  • There are drop off points available on Rundle Street (Street Number: 246-252) and North Terrace (Street Number: 280) to Vaughan Place. 
  • There is no direct vehicle access to the cinema

Public Transport

  • Adelaide Metro City Loop 99A stops on East Terrace. It is a 300m walk to the cinema.
  •  Stop Y1 or Stop B1 on East Terrace are the closest to the cinema.  
  •  The closest stop on North Terrace is Stop I1 (North side) and Stop R1 (South side)    
  •  The closest stop on Grenfell Street is Stop I1 (South side)


  • The venue does not have its own carpark.
  • The closest car park is U-Park on Frome Road. This is multi storey.
  • There are several accessible parking bays on each level of this car park.
  • There is one continuous path of travel from the car park to the cinema.


  • There is level access to the venue
  • The main doors open towards you (pull).
  • The doors are double width
  • The doors are heavy
  • Lighting levels are low
  • Interior is decorated in dark purple

Candy Bar

  • There are seating options available for the candy bar
  • Tables and chairs in candy bar are not permanently fixed.
  • Food and drinks can be brought to the table areas on request

Cinema Access

  • There are steps to seating in Palace Cinema 1.
  • There is lift access to the rear of the Cinema 1. This is a staff lift, and requires staff assistance.
  • There is a level change to Cinemas 2 – 7
  • There is ramp access to the level change
  • This ramp has hand rails on both sides
  • Cinema 2 – 7 are reached via three standard steps.
  • These steps have colour contrast
  • These steps have hand rails on left and right side

Inside Cinema

  • There are designated seating areas for wheelchair users
  • Designated seats are situated at the rear of the cinema
  • Companions can sit beside the customer


  • Light refreshments are available from the candy bar
  • Hot drinks and alcohol are available from the candy bar
  • Cinemas are licensed


  • There are accessible toilets in the venue designated for general public use 
  • There are(standard) toilets near Cinema 1 accessible via 5 steps. These steps have hand rails on both sides.
  • There are two sets of public toilets. Accessible toilets are situated near cinema 3 – 7.  
  • Further information to come.


  • There is a lift access for wheelchair seating in Cinema 1.
  • This lift is for staff and disabled people.
  • Staff are not required to operate the lift
  • There are braille labels on elevator button panel
  • There are no auditory cues in this lift.